About us

A forward looking family business with experience and a sense of duty.

Veropa team portrait

Over 50 years ago, our father and uncle, Dkfm. Peter Vogt, founded Veropa in Vienna. Since then, we have been able to establish ourselves as a successful manufacturer of high quality car accessories on the European market.

The second generation has taken over a while ago, but more than ever, the name Veropa stands for:

• Innovative and design-oriented product development

• High quality production techniques

• Flexible and solution-oriented client service

We are looking forward to the next 50 years!


Veropa was founded in 1965 as a trade company. In 1968, with the help of a partner, we produced our first squeegee. The range of products started growing slowly: Ice-scrapers, snow-brushes and wash-brushes as well as all kinds of accessories were added to it with time.

The number of customers increased, as did the turnover, so naturally, our production capacity has also grown progressively more important. Since 1974, we are an independent family business, in which the second generation is assuming responsibility together with the founders.

People / Manufacturing

We employ 10 people in Austria in management, sales, production planning, administration, quality control and storing. Until the early 90ies, practically the whole range was manufactured in Austria. Since 1995, we slowly built up a manufacturing facility with our partner in Slovakia, and since 2008 we can say that nearly 100% of our products are manufactured by 60 employees in our neighbouring country Slovakia.

Company profile

Over 80% of our products are exported, the majority to EU countries, as well as a substantial part to countries in Eastern Europe, Switzerland and Norway. One of our most important principles is product innovation: We launch several new products every year. Many of our products are patented, and all of them design registered. We can say without false modesty that we are amongst the most innovative companies in our market segment.