Innovation and Design

Robust swivel head and telescope technical features

Our driving force

Veropa stands for innovative product ideas and modern design. We strive to come up with new products on an annual basis. Over the years we have launched a number of innovations, which have since become industry standards. Here is a small selection:

  • Patented swivel brush-head „Rota-Brush“: Head returns to original position if met with too much resistance instead of breaking.

  • Robust telescope system: extremely resistant and seamlessly extendable.

  • X-treme blade: brass and polycarbonate blade in one.

  • BIO-Ice scraper: the first 100% biodegradable ice scraper.

Of course we are still working very hard on surprising our customers every year with interesting innovations.

Environmentally conscious

Biodegradable ice scraper display

Sustainability is more than just a catchword

As a manufacturer in the plastics industry, we have a special responsibility towards the environment. We can no longer ignore the pollution of our seas with plastic waste. It is our responsibility to come up with innovative and environmentally friendly solutions. Our strategy for this is threefold:

  • To manufacture high quality and long-living products: An ice scraper or squeegee by Veropa is built to last many years or even decades, not break the first time it is used.

  • To manufacture in the heart of Europe: Our factory in Slovakia and our warehouse near Vienna make for short delivery routes within Europe. Most of our suppliers are European too.

  • Innovation and boldness: We are the first and only manufacturer in our industry to come up with an ice scraper made of 100% bio-degradable materials. We are working very hard on an extension of this to a whole range of bio-degradable products.


Rota Brush Test Winner Certificate

First class products require first class materials

We are one of the very few manufacturers in our field to use polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is a technical plastics component, which is highly break-proof, especially at very low temperatures!

Polycarbonate is somewhat more expensive, but its advantages outweigh the extra cost. Veropa ice scrapers are more durable and more efficient. Some of our customers have been using the same ice scraper for over 10 years!

It is not a surprise then, that our products regularly win independent tests. Important detail: all materials we use in the manufacturing process comply with European regulations (for example REACH, SVHC, AZO, …).

ISO 9001 certified


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Customer service

Veropa Team Portrait

Family- and solution-oriented

Our customers are important to us. So much so, that we have been working with some of them for decades, and that many of them have turned from business partners into friends.

Nevertheless we never lost sight of what matters most to our customers:

  • Timely delivery during the winter season: Thanks to our warehouse in the middle of Europe and consistent pre-production outside the season, we can react to any cold weather spells with lightning speed. Delivery times under a week are often feasible.

  • Stable pricing without nasty surprises: We strive to shield our customers from short term extremes on the raw materials market and keep our prices stable over a period of several years.

  • Own branding - even for small quantities: Manufacturing in Europe means being able to implement specific customer requests (special colours, own packaging), even for small quantities, without a massive increase in price or delivery time.