Dustbin Dumpy


Dustbin Dumpy black and greyDustbin Dumpy transparent coloursDustbin Dumpy hook for fixation on car seatDustbin dumpy suction cup and adhesive bandDustbin Dumpy packaging smiling girl using it i back of car

Handy dustbin (Capacity: 1,5L) for your car and home. Made of transparent Polycarbonate (PC)) or high impact Polystyrene (HIPS). With flexible fixation methods including:

  • Special hanger system for the headrest. Easy and fast installation and removal.
  • Adhesive band for permanent installation (for example on car door or bathtoom tiles)
  • Suction cup for temporary installation on smooth surfaces (glass, tiles, etc.)
  • Due to straight back, can easily be placed in seat pocket.

Comes with 10 extra rubbish bags.

Dustbin Dumpy transparent blue white


Transp. Blue/White

Dustbin Dumpy transparent green white


Transp. Green/White

Dustbin Dumpy transparent purple white


Transp. Purple/White

Dustbin Dumpy transparent red white


Transp. Red/White

Dustbin Dumpy hanging on back of driver's seat


Hanger system

Dustbin dumpy fixed to bathroom tiles


Adhesive band

Dustbin dumpy in car used by girl on back seat


Child friendly

Dustbin Dumpy drawings of different fixation methods


Fixation methods