Vario Brush Profiline - Aluminium Tubes


Our new Vario Brush brush heads are best used in conjunction with our improved and enlarged assortment of water fed aluminium tubes. We have a new telescopic tube (80-150cm) and have also equipped all our tubes with our new one-click connector, to ensure a super easy connection with our brush heads.

Available variants:

  • 6652-300 - Telescopic, 160-300cm length, with on-off tap.
  • 6653-150 - No telescope, length 150cm, with on-off tap.
  • 6652-150 - Telescopic, 80-150cm length, with on-off tap.
Vario Brush hose connector close up


Quick Hose Connector

Vario Brush On-Off Tap close up


On-Off Tap

Vario Brush with 3m Aluminium tube cleaning high garage windows


Telescope, up to 300cm

Vario Brush brush head and water tube connection


One-Click connector for Vario Brush aluminium tubes