Vario Brush Profiline - Brush Heads


We are proud to present our brand new and improved brush head for our VARIO BRUSH series. The new brush head has an impressive, modern design and a multitude of innovative features: rubber edges, swivel head, integrated nozzles to name just a few.

It is available in 3 bristle strengths and sports a new one-click connection system, which makes it super easy to connect with the VARIO BRUSH aluminium tubes.

Available variants:

  • 6680 - Brush Head Vario Brush Ultra Soft: Ultra soft bristles made of 50% natural hair. Ideal for cars, solar panels, conservatories, etc.
  • 6681 - Brush Head Vario Brush Soft: Soft, split tip bristles. Ideal for cars, lorries, caravans, blinds, etc.
  • 6682 - Brush Head Vario Brush Hard: Short, hard plastic bristles. Ideal for terrace floors, tiles, pools, boats, etc.
Vario Brush ultra soft washing car


Vario Brush Ultra Soft

Vario Brush brush head soft bristles cleaning blinds


Vario Brush Soft


Vario Brush Hard

Vario Brush brush head soft cleaning, 90 degrees


Vario Brush sviwel head 360°

Vario Brush extra nozzles close up


2 extra nozzles by turning 180°

Vario Brush strong pointed jet spray close up


Strong, pointed jet spray

Vario Brush soft, 2m wide rinsing spray close up


Softer, 2m wide rinsing spray

Vario Brush connection to aluminium tube


One-Click connector for Vario Brush aluminium tubes