Cardboard Floor Displays

Stand Alone / Snow Brushes / Promotional

Our cardboard Floor Displays are striking and easy to assemble. They allow us to present larger products in an attractive manner.

Available variants:

  • Floor Display Snowbrushes - Simple, yet attractive display for up to 24 larger snowbrush-ice scraper combinations
  • Floor Display Combination - Highly attractive display which saves a lot of floor space by stacking up to 3 shelf displays onto a floor display. This can be filled with various winter items, but also with the new Vario Brush wash brush system.
  • Floor Display Stand Alone - Attractive cardboard display with a high base, which includes a shelf display MAXI for Snowbrushes and 3 Ice scraper displays MIDI
  • Promotional Cardboard Display - Exceptionally practical and versatile. Can be filled with a huge variety of products and is delivered fully assembled. Ideal for Promotions. Also available in country colours
Floor Display with 24 Rotabrush Snowbrushes


Floordisplay with 24 pcs.

Floordisplay Combiation in Michelin branding

Floor Display Combo

Display with Michelin Branding

Floor Display Stand Alone

Display Stand Alone

Floor Display Stand-Alone

Promotional Floor Display in French colours

Display 6961 & 6466SG

Promotional Display in French colours