Cardboard Shelf Displays

Mini / Midi / Maxi

Versatile series of cardboard displays, which has been developped to fit the demands of modern retail. They manage to present products attractively whilst requiring very little effort from the retailer.

Available sizes:

  • Mini Ice scrapers - New, small display for a variety of ice scrapers with varying quantities, depending on the size of the product it is filled with. For example: 90 pcs. of 6411 but 10 pieces of 6487.
  • Midi Ice scrapers - Simple, yet very attractive display for 18-20 ice scrapers which are standing up. Fits 6961 - 6964, 6975 - 6976, 6947 - 6950, 7274
  • Midi Snowbrushes - Single shelf display for 18-30 snow brushes
  • Maxi Snowbrushes - Double shelf display for 24-40 snow brushes
Cardboard Display Mini with 10 pieces of ice scraper with mitt in mixed colours


Display Mini with 10 pcs.

Cardboard Display Midi with 18 pieces of ice scraper DeLuxe in mixed colours


Display Midi with 18 pcs.

Cardboard Display Midi with 20 pieces of Snow brush Mont Blanc in mixed colours


Display Midi with 20 pcs.

Cardboard Display Midi with 40 pieces of Snow brush Frost in mixed colours


Display Maxi with 40 pcs.